What do customers need from a good translation agency?


The translation is a great demand of the people of different countries and regions to communicate or make dealings. It is a process of conversion of language into one another which require grammatical knowledge and expertise. Many translation agencies perform this helpful task across the globe.

Translation services can be provided by any translation agency in Dubai but meeting the customer requirements are the competitive duty to perform. The question is what actually are the common needs of the customer from a good translation agency?

Ability to translate into every language

A customer always thinks that the translator is able to translate in any language. Many translators have expertise in multiple languages but no one can learn every language of the world. There are almost 6500 different languages in the world and even a single language has different accents to speak that also create the difference.

So it is not possible for a single translator but here we are talking about translation agencies. A translation company in Dubai  contains different translators who have expertise in distinct languages. Prime Translation is one of the largest and popular names who can provide any language translation services in Dubai. Our translators have command on multiple languages and they can provide quality translation within time. They have a hand on experience while working on different regions of the world.

The translator should be native

A person when open his eyes for the first time in the word the only source of learning for him is his surroundings. Every person learns a language as a mother language and he has a full grip on that language due to long term experience. When a customer moves in a translation company he always search for a native translator.

The native translator knows every traditional and cultural difference of the native language. No other translator can perform this task better than him. Prime translation provides native translators to their clients. We know the desire of our customers so before they demand we always provide them with such a translator. Our main objective is to satisfy the customer through effective service which only a native translation expert can provide.

Certified translation:

Another very important factor that needs to be considered while people provide translation from one language to another is certification. There are various agencies, services and institutes, which provide certification for language translation. They judge the ability of the candidate and the quality of the translation they provide.

After complete examination, they are given a certificate that they are able to provide good translation service. Whenever you ask someone to provide you with translation service, always look that if they have the certification for providing the translation of the languages that you need. Certain companies have certification for different languages which they use as proof for providing services for other languages as well.

When Prime translation provides translation in Dubai, our translators are certified for various languages. All the translators that we have are individually certified service providers regarding translation.

Agencies should be conscious of legal translation

Legal translation is the greatest demand for customers. Providing legal translation is not an easy task to do. The translator should be familiar with rules and regulations for legal translation. Prime translation is a leading name for legal translation in DubaiThis type of translation requires much attention so we provide obedient and attentive translators to our clients.

Legal documents should be provided with complete security. The customer does not compromise on the safety and privacy of the document for legal translation. The document provided for legal translation can be judicial report< a private letter or a company’s secret. So a customer always needs a translator who properly knows about the importance of legal translation.

Our translators are completely aware of the importance of such documents. So we provide secure legal translation in DubaiLegal translation is mostly used by the criminals to make fallacy due to distinction in cultural difference. The translator should be conscious while translating such documents and proofs.

Medical and technical translation:

Another very important service that is required by a large number of people from around the world is medical translation. Even ordinary certified translators cannot provide authentic medical translation as there are a number of medical terms involved.

This translation is specially needed when people move from one country to another, for treatment purposes. On such occasions, the documents need to be properly translated because a small error while providing translation of medical documents can lead to serious disasters and even loss of life on certain occasions.

Similarly, technical translation also holds a lot importance like medical translation services in Dubai. There a lot of technical terms and jargons in every field of science and technology.

The words might have simple meanings in layman terms but have totally different meanings when applied to a certain field. Therefore the person who is providing translation must also have an understanding about the legal terms as well.

At Prime Translation services, when we provide medical or technical translation to any of our clients, first our certified translators provide the complete translation. Then those translations are further verified by various doctors and professionals in those fields to verify that they actually make sense.

Therefore, in this way, with team effort, Prime translation provides you complete and authentic translation of medical as well as technical documents.

Word by word translation and semantically true phrases

Every customer wants accurate translation services. No single word should be missed while translating languages into one another. Every phrase or word can be important for a customer. It could mean a lot for him. The customer requires translation to understand the meaning of phrases so the translated document should express clear semantics.

Prime translation is the best translation agency in Dubai which provides meaningful translation service. Our translators have a strong interpretation ability who can serve the client by a complete explanation. Sometimes clients need more description to understand the translating document.

Our translator helps the customers to make the words and phrases simple to understand. Sometimes we have to provide extra information and examples to completely explain the terminologies.

Interpretation services and equipment:

People often invite foreign delegates and speakers at various conferences and business events so that their employees can take advantage from the expertise of these foreign delegates. Also in the current world, businesses are no more located to a certain city or country.

Businesses have spread rather globally. So when people come together from different linguistic backgrounds, language is a barrier which needs to be overcome.

Prime translation is fully aware of this issue and that is why we also provide professional interpretation services as well. We also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services when people from foreign countries are invited to deliver talks.

Apart from the most authentic and true to the sense interpretation services, we also provide interpretation equipment. From interpretation monitors to interpretation headsets, from 4 to 200 people, we have it all. You can also have different audio and visual equipment that you might need during conferences or business events.

We provide projectors, projector screens, speakers, pointers, display screens and other decorative and display equipment to match all your needs during such events.

Fast and effective service

Time is money. This is a common phrase used by everyone. A good service provider knows the importance of time. A customer always needs a fast and effective response. They are always in a hurry no matter what the situation is. Prime translation serves the clients within committed time.

We strictly advise our customers to meet the deadlines. As the customer is everything for us so we always provide effective translation service in DubaiThat is the quality that makes us the best translation company in Dubai.

On Door Service

The customer wants services on their gate. They do not want to move far of a distance to get translation service. They even do not want to make long searches to find service providers. We provide effective solutions to this problem. We have multiple translation offices in Dubai situated at different locations.

Our customers can easily reach us anytime at our nearby offices. Our front desk officers welcome the customers with pleasure. They guide them properly for heart-touching service. We also provide online translation services for our clients from far of places.

The customer has to just send us their documents or journals and we provide them with quality service within time. They can easily find us on the internet by searching for our official website. We have a high ranking on the search engine that enables the customer to get quality service without wasting any time.

At our various offices in Dubai, we also offer the customers to get online quotation of our services. We provide this service so that our customers are fully satisfied when they use our services that we are not charging them anything extra. You can easily compare our services with other translation services in Dubai.