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Legal Translation Services in Dubai, JLT, Al Barsha, TECOM

Wherever, whenever! The business word comes to your mind, the settlement for not less is the condition implemented right there and its success rate only relies upon the business hub. Dubai, the business hub, is vastly diversified especially for entrepreneurs and is termed as the cosmopolitan of the world as per the latest World Migration report. If you are looking for such plans, then there is no need to delay. Try to have a know-how about the proceeding of the process that starts from the submission of your application attached archives. By having a look at this article, you will be solving all your queries on yourself. 

The first thing that hits the mind is, what should be the format? The main thing, requiring consideration, is the authoritative dialect of any country you are interested to get settled in. The official language of Dubai is, Arabic and the purpose to mention this is that there is no way to get away other than this language. Whatever the documents you are sending them, they should be in Arabic. If you are not translating your documents in Arabic, then the responsibility for any divergence from the task or the miscommunication will be yours. Not only this, the documents may get rejected, that is such a common thing to occur.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Reading this all may arise a thing! that either we must learn the local language or what? What about, the time frame is short? How to deal with this whole process? What if the authorized transformations reject the documents as per the miscommunications? What about country law? Relax! Nothing is so rocketed science here.

There are a lot of translation services in Dubai that facilitate authentically by providing legal translation services. Prime Translation Service is one of the best translation services in dubai. You are far away, on the other corner of the world, no troubles, our much-certified legal translation online services facilitate you by just providing all the documents analysis as per the country’s law and giving you the final legal translation.

Exceptional Accredited Legal Translation in Dubai and All Over the UAE

Or go to a legal translation company to translate your documents can be a major problem when you don’t have the time. Well, don’t worry anymore, Prime translation’s Sworn Translators in Dubai is now bringing all of its services to your door through its recently launched vehicle fleet called ‘Legal Translators at your doorway.’ The vehicle travels to your home to provide legal translation in Dubai authorized by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Embassies, and is then dispatched to the customer’s location.

Prime Translation has become a certified legal translation service in Dubai and across the UAE. It has been certified by the Minister of Justice, ISO, MOFA, MOE, UAE embassies and courts. We work diligently to provide top-class translation services for our trained skilled translators in more than 200 language pairs.

How are ‘Legal Translators at your Doorstep’ working?

The method is extremely easy to use Clients just need to get a quote at the prime translation website from your smartphone and book whatever service they require. If the booking has been certified, they will be able to see our mobile office in real-time. When the car has entered the customer’s venue, our legal translator must continue the translation of their documents before it is fully legally translated and the final approved printed copies are turned over to the customer.

All of your translation services in one stop solution!

Certified by the Ministry of Justice, ISO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Education (MOE), Notary Public, Land Department, Embassies and Courts, Prime Translation has made it one of the leading providers of legal translation services in Dubai and around the UAE. Our team of trained native skilled translators work diligently to offer top-notch translation services in more than 200 + language pairs.

  1. Legal translation Dubai

Power of Attorney, Agreements / Contracts, Certificates / Degrees, Legal Proceedings, Memorandum and Articles of Association.

  1. Driving license translation

A driving license is a piece of document, often in a card form, which signifies that you are eligible to drive a vehicle because you have passed a driving test.

It is a permit issued by the government that is given after you pass the necessary tests and review, and once accepted by the licensing officer, it grants you some rights and benefits, including the permission to drive a vehicle, in your host country. It is also a legitimate identity card in most countries, as it includes personal identification information such as your name, government license number issued, date of issue and expiry, home address, etc. We know that you frequently urgently need a translation license to work

Why Prime Translation is #1translation Company in Dubai?

Prime Translation was created in 2007. Since then, our primary emphasis has been on delivering high-quality and sustainable legal translations. Thanks to our devoted team of qualified translators who work tirelessly to maintain top-notch translation facilities in a timely manner. They perform outstanding tasks and obligations and get the work done with 100 % accuracy. Translation in Dubai by Prime Translation is the primary option of our top clients.

Prime Translation is also a licensed translation business provider in Dubai. PTS ratings and ranks as # 1 for the legitimate version of Dubai. We are dedicated to delivering personalized legal translations at your doorstep. PTS has carried out several large-scale legal translation initiatives. So, we have great successes in our programs. We are an extremely resourceful team of fully experienced and skilled professional translators.

We have been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice in Dubai. We are a leading and respected professional translation firm in the Middle East, Dubai, and UAE.

We are a Dubai-based translation agency specializing in high quality legal, marketing and professional localization, software rental and copywriting services. They also partnered with world-leading businesses and organizations and are members of prominent international associations such as Khaleej Times. The business was founded in 2007 by interpreters and professional translators. It now comprises a network of over 2,000 partners with experience in over 100 languages, as well as a collaborative in-house unit.

Legal translation offers a professional translation for a variety of documents. These provide papers, reports and documentation to be sent to organizations and offices. Our qualified translators, approved by the Ministry of Justice, conduct legal translations. This sort of translator can have many different names or titles. They are legitimate, licensed, signed, and official translator. In addition, they are also funded by a translation firm in Dubai, UAE. They are expected to pass an examination at the Ministry of Justice.

Legal translation format provided by Prime Translation:

  • Prime Translation provides a sworn translation into a legal translation in Dubai the letterhead of the firm.
  • Both source and goal files are placed together as one collection.
  • The whole collection, consisting of two or three pages, is then sealed and signed with the legal stamp of Prime Translation.

Did you know that Prime Translation is also provide legal translation in JLT and approved by the DMCC:

JLT (Jumeirah Lakes Towers) is a very popular business center in Dubai, arranged in 26 clusters, each of which is a group of three towers. JLT is a combination of high-end residential and commercial communities in Dubai.

The official authority responsible for the supervision and licensing of commercial activities with in JLT is the DMCC, which had been developed in 2002 by the Government of Dubai and granted free zone licenses to local and international companies. Prime Translation also took advantage of every opportunity of becoming part of this ambitious infrastructure and to provide JLT’s best quality legal translation services in Dubai all fields such as Legal, Medical, Technical, Commercial and more than 150 +.

Urgent translation services in Dubai

Prime Translation is one of the main facilitation centers in Dubai, offering timely and high-quality legal translation of documents in Arabic or any other language pair. Sometimes you may have an appointment at the embassy, traveling abroad or attending an event, and you have come to realize in the last minute that you have missed the translation of some of the documents that were a mandatory part of the entire process.

If you are stuck in any of these situations, you can always remember that Legal Translation in Dubai is here to share your burdens and ready to cooperate as much as possible.

Prime translation is the, one of the biggest, pioneering translation firms in the Middle East and across the globe, with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The organization boasts a team of highly trained, extremely skilled and widely experienced translators and interpreters who possess post-graduate Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in any imaginable.

Prime Legal Translation is a leading provider of legal translation services in Dubai and the UAE. We have a licensed and notarized legal translation service as approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice and other official bodies in the UAE, including the Notary Public, Courts and Embassies. As a registered legal translation company in Dubai, we translate all the legal documents in a timely and correct manner in compliance with the best translation practices and high quality requirements.

Our team of qualified skilled legal translators has deep knowledge of the legal field, they can provide reliable translations of many forms of documents, including but not limited to legal contracts, Witness Statements, Immigration Records, Articles of Association, Court Orders, Formal Documents, Judicial Notices, Judicial Consents, Wills and Trusts and Powers of Attorneys.

We strictly follow the automated quality control process and provide our customers with a reliable, error-free and superior quality legal translation service irrespective of the nature of the documents. Our mission is to reach the full satisfaction of our customers. As a reputable legal translation service in Dubai, we pledge to protect your sensitive details as our professional translators in Dubai. We’re open 24/7, sign with us and get a free instant quote!

Native Legal Translators in UAE

Our highly trained and committed legal translation in Dubai have vast expertise and strong history and enthusiasm for legal translation in the UAE. We only pick the translators that can conform with our stringent standard procedures. All of our legal translators in Dubai must be a fluent speaker of the target language and have comprehensive linguistic expertise and a strong experience in the language of the legal source.

As a result, we ensure that our legal translators are true experts in the field and can accommodate the diverse and varied legal texts they provide. In fact, our translators will have no fewer than five years of expertise in the translation of legal documents through a respectable translation services company.

Our specialist project management team will be drawn from our pool of professional translators with the most appropriate knowledge and skills in the text, ensuring that translators still work in their mother tongue and in their area of expertise.

The legal translators deal with, among others, arrangements, settlements, court records, including lawsuits and witness testimony, as well as business, transportation, IP and liability matters.

Prime Translation Dubai is a legal translation firm in Dubai offering legal translation services in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Arabic through its Arabic legal translation in Dubai and a team of sworn translators accredited by the UAE Ministry of Justice. If you are looking for a professional translation office in Dubai, look no further and contact us to talk to your Arabic legal interpreter in Dubai.

Translation of Legal and Personal Documents is a skill called for by today’s diverse global culture and Prime Translation has been perfecting the delivery of professional translation services as leaders in this area since 2010. Prime Translation Recognized tremendous reputation as a Certified Translation Services Provider in the UAE and legal Translation Services in Dubai, our service has been recognized by the Ministry of Justice, UAE and authorized by all government agencies and international embassies located in the UAE.

The respected clientele of our Legal Company, from Arabic to English translation and English to Arabic translation, includes Law Firms, Banking and Financial Institutions, Lawyers, Marketing Agencies, Immigration Consultants, Public Relations Agencies, Technology Firms, Learning Agencies / Institutions, Notable Business Firms and Reputed Individuals from all walks of life.

We insist on excellent service performance and regard the confidence of our clients as a vital element of our company activities in Legal Translation in Dubai. Timely completion of accurate and fully admissible Legal Translation at relatively competitive rates is the highest priority of a highly skilled, seasoned and trained team of translators at Prime Translation.

The core and crux of our vision is the satisfaction of our customers anywhere in the UAE in terms of achievement through our timely and efficient Translation Services as per their convenience. All documents relating to legal representation, including court rulings, may be read expertly.

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When you are in a position to select a qualified legal translator in Dubai for your documents, an incredibly accurate, knowledgeable and effective translation agency such as Prime Translation in Dubai can assist you in delivering credible and reliable translation services in more than 25 fields and more than 150 + languages around the UAE, as it only hires the most skilled and professional staff.

Prime translation in Dubai understands that documents have become a must for a new , highly-travelled person, whether for business or other purposes. The choice of a professional translator seems to be a big one, as the planet is now full of hoaxes and quacks.

A highly responsible and reliable translation agency like Prime Translation actually plays a pivotal role in bridging civilization in a culturally rich economic hub like the UAE. Prime Translation is proud of its outstanding work over the past 10 + years and its highly trained and skilled staff to deliver reliable and structured translations.

The primary goal of our business practices at Prime Translation has always been to represent our clients with an emphasis on technical integrity. In more than 10 + years of devoted professional survival, Contact Legal Translation in Dubai has worked diligently to hire and train highly qualified, knowledgeable and competent legal translators in Dubai who are committed to the mission of delivering professional services by creating extremely effective, precise and correct translations of more than 25 + services and more.

The high standard of our qualified accredited translators in Dubai listed above is a permanent feature of all translation initiatives in our Legal Translation Office in Dubai.

Located in the financial and business capital of the world, Prime Translation is known all over the world for its impeccable translations, and our clients are scattered from America to Asia and the Middle East to Europe.

It is therefore now a fully operational and efficient tool not only for our reputable customers in the UAE and GCC countries, but also worldwide. With the launch of our website, practically everyone in the world can make use of our legal translation services in Dubai through a highly skilled legal translation team from Dubai and benefit from the unmatched skills of seasoned and trained legal translators in Dubai, with immaculate control over a wide variety of languages and specialist fields.

Nowadays, in our sophisticated communities, all areas of everyday life are governed by law. All deals and transactions, either personal or corporate, are drafted in legally binding instruments. Often these legal documents are produced in a language and need to be translated into another language for proper use in a foreign country, which requires professional translation services.

Due to the legal implications and repercussions of these legal documents, the legal translation in Dubai must be verified and accepted by an official body, such as the Ministry of Justice, and must be a accurate and correct representation of the original text without any space for error, because possible errors that cost you a great deal of money and more time in courtrooms. The accredited legal translation of your documents must therefore be assigned to a loyal, devoted, sincere legal translator who is approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Legal Translation Office in Dubai that you can 100% Trust

With more than 10 years of proven experience in certified legal translation, Prime Translation has proven to be a fast, accurate and affordable provider of legal translation services in Dubai. Thanks to our linguistic expertise and a thorough knowledge of legal terms and the variations between legal systems, such as the civil law system that is prevalent in the UAE and the common law system, we can have a real and accurate legal translation in Dubai for a wide variety of legal documents.

Laws, agreements, rules, decrees, treaties, judicial orders, legal notices, pleadings, expert opinions, disciplinary hearings and awards, summonses, as well as police and public prosecution records. In addition, we will provide accredited legal translation for certain important records, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, driving licenses and many more at our legal translation office in Dubai.

Due to the sensitive existence of these records, the approved legal translation shall be made with total secrecy, in due time, with the highest precision and at reasonable rates.

Prime Translation is a legal translation company in Dubai that is accredited and licensed by the UAE Ministry of Justice, as well as other UAE government departments, and is respected by a high-profile clientele. No more concern about your highly confidential, protected or classified documents; we are here to provide you with accredited professional translation services with credibility, authenticity and up to industry expectations.

Legalized or accredited translations are generally referred to as “legal translations in dubai” in the UAE. Another popular term used in the UAE is “Legal Translator” and “Legal Tag.” These clearly conform to the Western notion of “certified / sworn translators / translations.” The competent authorities for the approval of translations are the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

The official document required for translation must be approved by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin (e.g. the UAE Embassy in Rome for documents released in Italy) prior to translation. If the papers have arrived in the UAE, they must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the United Arab Emirates.

Following these two steps, the document is ready to be translated and stamped by a certified Ministry of Justice translator. Please notice that the initial documentation before MOFA can still be attested to by the National Consulates and Embassies for other documentation.

Before the translation, any official document to be used internationally must be signed and stamped by the local UAE agency, entity or person issuing the document and the appropriate legalization authority (e.g. the Notary Public or the Economic Department). Subsequently, the document must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and eventually by the Consulate or Embassy of the country where the paper is to be used.

Why is there any need to translate your documents?

The answer is simple, you may apply for the business settlement, the traffic ticket, get dual citizenship, get a good job there, residential point of view and many more as per the country of origin. Business translation is one of the main reasons to get your information brighter.

Some of you might be thinking right now that what if we have a relative or the known one to do this all for us by having a command on the concerned language? Never give an appreciation to this idea and the reason is crystal clear! PTS is one of those legal translation services in dubai that provide the documents with the notary seal over it that no other unauthorized and uncertified person can do. Yes, he/she can be the translator only, but when it comes to the legal translation the answer is unacceptable.


Things to keep in mind while selecting a translation service: 

Certain things should not be compromised:

  • Familiarity of the translator sure with the two languages you are interested in.
  • A background checks
  • High-quality assurance from the legal translation service in dubai
  • Availability
  • Financial and time Security
  • Certified and authorized translators

Authorized translators must keep their translation impression very signified and should deal with the delicate points beautifully and cautiously. They are experts, english to arabic translator, in translation services dubai that can mold the documents by concluding the objective content as per the lawsuits. The translator must be aware of the use of certain legal expressions, socio-cultural impartiality and linguistic standards of the content.

There are other translation services in dubai like legal translation abu dhabi, legal translation Sharjah, diamond legal translation, communication legal translation and elite legal translation services but our translation service, PTS is one of the best in UAE as we critically know the original context as the law of the country.

Prime Translation Services (PTS): PTS is the certified legal translation company in dubai that comprised of the interpreters providing the facilities to avoid any lawful issues. We are meant to offer you certain certificates regarding marriage, death, birth, confidential agreements, development archives of different organizations and counsel related power. We comprehend all the authoritative documents certification under the strict observation of privacy. We carry a great reputation by having all the translations recognized from the Ministry of Justice, UAE and a huge appreciation from the Foreign Embassies.

Proofreading is the must thing that our lawful system assures to get the accuracy and avoid sentence construction mistakes followed by the linguistic anomalies. We provide quick, accurate and professional interpretation services. PTS is the multilingual translator service that connects the globe by overcoming this hinderance. Business translation is one of our specialties. Our legal system complies of the lawful statements under UAE to be considered and avoid the any anomaly without any delay. Moreover, we offer the basic assistance in the legalization and attestation by the government, of your archives of all types by the consulates of one’s country of origin and embassies as well. PTS responds within 10 minutes.

Prime translation service in Dubai works under UAE laws and only perform legal translation services. One can get the documents in their final form as per the country’s clauses only from the approved translators. This and other legal translation services in Dubai not only work for specific languages but on the worldwide forum. You can provide them your archives in any language like french to english translation.

When you are abdicating your documents to the translator, attach all of them by having a check and have the duplicate copies alongside to avoid any loss as per the PTS instructions. You must write the side notes if they must keep certain things in mind for the sake of amendments. The most important thing before doing other stuff is the calculation of the time frame. All you should be concerned about is that you must mention and ask this thing before time to the professional translator from a legal translation service.

The certified seal must be made sure while getting the documents back on each one of them and just go ahead for submission.



If you are ambitious and looking for some great opportunities over the globe and language is the barrier then this is not a trouble now. We just get your job done just on the hands-on distance by using the legal translation service in dubai from any part of the world. These translation services are the provider of the facilities. Prime translation services dubai helps from getting the aid in job comprised documents to the confidential ones and are the most guaranteed. All your deciphered documents are kept in our responsibility as far as they are being handover to you. Never take a break to have a look on our website that offers you different client supports which you are unable to get from others. Try to locate PTS and get your job done with the stipulated time. If you have any ambiguities, feel free and contact us now. PTS will surely bring the client out of its trouble just by bringing all the services to your single taps.

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