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Dubai is the most advanced city of the Middle East. It has transformed from a mere desert into one of the most ultra-modern cities of the world. With such a large variety of languages being spoken there, there was a need for a company that provides translation in DubaiApart from the modern lifestyle and technological advancements in the city, it also serves as a business hub for the people from all over the world.

Due to the amazing business and job opportunities in Dubai, a lot of people from all over the world have moved here. Therefore, there is a large diversity of languages and cultures among the inhabitants of Dubai.

For this reason, there are a large number of companies that are operating in Dubai who provide translation services. A very famous and renowned name among those companies is that of Prime Translation service in Dubai.

Various languages translation Dubai:

We at Prime Translation are considered one of the best in Dubai because we provide translation services for more than a 150 languages that are spoken in various parts of the world. The languages that we provide translation for include a large number of European, Asian and African languages.

We not only provide accurate but also certified translation in Dubai. The translators we select are the natives of different countries and they are selected for providing the translation of their native language.

The reason for selecting natives of a country for a specific language is that there are a large number of terms and jargons in every language. We help customers from every field of work. Therefore, their work might include technical language as well.

The translators will only be able to provide accurate translation if they are fluent not only in writing but also in speaking the language to understand the meaning in different dialects. Not only are our translators fluent, but they are also certified from various bodies so that they provide you the most accurate translation services in Dubai.

Various types of translation services:

At Prime translation, we provide you a variety of translation services according to the needs and demands of the customer. Whenever someone from a different country gets settled in a new country, there is a large amount of paperwork that they need to do. For example, they have to submit their marriage certificate if they want to apply for a family visa.

They will have to submit their qualification and health certificates to the government if they want to apply for a work visa. They will have to submit their experience certificates and professional qualification certificates if they want to apply for work permit.

Legal Translation:

It must be understood that whenever you move from one country to another, you need to provide all the documents to the authorities of that country for verification. Now when you provide the documents, you need to have them translated in the official language of the destination country and not that of the origin country.

Therefore, at Prime translation services, we provide you with all types of legal translation in Dubai along with different language translation services.

Apart from that, legal translation services also include translation of contracts. As explained, Dubai hosts a large number of business conferences and meetings in Dubai. With so many businesses, there are also contracts that are to be signed between companies from different countries.

Various projects are undertaking as JVs (Joint Ventures) in which professionals from different countries are involved. Therefore, there is also a need for a service that provides translation services for contract and Prime Translation Company provides such services also.

Content translation and proofreading:

There are also some businesses who do their marketing online. As we all know, for marketing, you need to put a lot of content up on your site to generate more traffic which will in turn help you in generating more conversions. Now while targeting a customer belonging to a certain culture, you will need to have content that is easily understood by them. Therefore, we also provide content translation as well as proofreading services to a large number of customers as well.

Medical and technical translation:

Due to the advancements in every field in Dubai, there has also been much improvement in the field of medicine. For this reason, people from all over the world also come to Dubai to get the best health care services available. But a major problem arises when you have to submit your medical documents. They are in the language that is spoken in the country of origin.

Therefore, we also provide medical translation as well. Similarly, there are some people that come to Dubai for handling different projects. All the technical documents are also in the language of the origin country and need translation.

Providing the most accurate translation for medical and technical documents is highly crucial. A very small or minor mistake can lead to disaster if proper care is not given. Therefore, whenever we provide translation service for medical translation or technical documents, we work in the form of teams.

Our translators, after translation of the document, consult with the people that have the knowledge for the technical as well as the medical terms so that there is no confusion left. Because in medical documents, lives of people are depending on the translation and in technical, huge amounts of money is depending on proper translation.

Driving license translation:

Dubai is very large city. Therefore, whenever people from different countries come to Dubai, they need driving license translation services as well. The traffic rules in Dubai are very strict. Therefore, whenever you are driving a car for getting from one place to another, you need to have your driving licence translation with them.

And so that the authorities, who are mostly Arab, can read your driving license, you need to have it translated. Therefore, for the ease of our customers, we also provide driving license translation services as well.

Interpretation services:

Apart from being the best translation company in Dubai, Prime Translation Company is also a trusted name for providing the best interpretation services. As explained earlier, Dubai is the business hub of the world. Therefore, large number of business conferences, meetings, seminars and exhibitions are held in Dubai every year.

During these conferences and seminars, speakers from different countries of the world are invited to deliver talks and share their expertise in certain fields. When people from different linguistic backgrounds come together, language barrier is an issue. In order to overcome this issue, Prime Translation provides interpretation services.

There are two type of interpretation services. One is simultaneous while the other one is consecutive.

Simultaneous interpretation:

In this type of interpretation, the interpreter has to convey the exact message, in the exact words, in different language in real time. This is not an easy task to provide the accurate translation within a matter of seconds. Therefore, the interpreters at Prime Translation Company have various certifications and qualifications due to which they are able to provide accurate simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation:

This type of interpretation is very different from simultaneous. In this type, the speaker continues to deliver his message. After the speaker is done speaking, the interpreter then translates the whole message.

They do this by making notes during the time when the actual speaker is delivering the talk. Therefore, one the speaker is done, they provide the translation of the whole message in the desired language of the audience.

Not only do we provide interpretation services, but we also provide interpretation, audio and visual equipment as well, that is used in conferences and seminars for conference equipment . The various equipment includes interpretation monitors, headsets for as low as 4 and as high as 200 listeners, projectors, projector screens and speakers etc.

Apart from providing interpretation services at seminars and meetings, we also provide translators for international delegates of different governments from all over the world.

Therefore, if you are ever looking for a company that provides the best translation in JLT Dubai, contact us at Prime translation services. We are one of the best in the business which is evident from the large number of satisfied customers from the exceptional services that we provide at our office.

We have been working in the field of providing translation services for more than 15 years. Our translators are not only experienced, but they are also aware of all the formats that are needed for any official documents as well as any medical or other documents.

For the customers who need translation services in JLT or in any part of the UAE, but cannot visit our offices, they can contact us through our website or through phone. We also provide the service of providing an online quotation for the services to any of our customers.

In this way, not only will it save a trip, but will also give you a chance to compare our competitive prices with all the different companies in Dubai that offer translation services. If you have any query, contact us on our helpline as our agents are available 24/7 for the guidance of our customers.