10 types of translation that you can avail in Dubai from online companies

Online services or translation companies in Dubai are great achievements. Now the translation providers are not just limited under the boundaries of Dubai, online services are approachable all over the planet. Anyone from any region of the planet can send his/her documents to translate to any service provider through online means. translation in Dubai is necessary because the city is full of foreigners which also require certain languages to translate. But here are some types of translation that are most demanded on the online portal of Dubai companies.

1. Legal translation


Legal translation is the famous type of translation which involves certain kind of rules and regulation that should be kept in mind while translating a document. These rules must be followed due to the presence of too many legal terms in the documents. As laws and rules are dependent on cultural difference. Different countries have their different legislations. But legal translation is not dependant on cultural differences. The problem that arises due to cultural difference can be resolved by using Latin legislations as a standard.


The translation is not only about connecting the regions for mutual communications but also offers countries the ability to develop alliances as they struggle with trade, politics, technologies, or some other national factors. In reality, multiple system components is an integral element in legal translation. Legal translation Dubai is compulsory for close national relations since Dubai is made up of people from various countries.

Legal translation in Dubai is quite important for different purposes. Most ancient texts are reliable and logical and are able to describe legal rights and responsibilities explicitly. Many Legal translation companies in Dubai provide effective services to people through online means. As the national language of Dubai is Arabic so Arabic legal translation is the most demanded one among legal translations.

2. Corporate translation

Dubai is the business hub for everyone in the world. Anyone can freely invest in Dubai for strong outcomes. It is an advanced city which involves too many corporate sectors in it. Different language speakers are already working here for a long time. These foreign corporations always required native professionals for translation in Dubai to expand their businesses.

Corporate events, talks, meetings, and seminars everywhere they need it. They mostly require English to Arabic translation in Dubai because English is the international language. It is used by many business sectors for mutual communication. Many business terms and policies are made in English so that any corporate could easily understand the policies. The corporate sector also requires famous translations like Spanish to Arabic translation and Russian to Arabic translation

3. Driving license translation


Driving license translation in Dubai is required by almost every foreigner. It’s not as easy as having a driving license in Dubai like any other place. It requires a lot of driving skill and know-how. To get a driver’s license, every driver needs to undergo specific examinations. Most people from Asia who came to Dubai for residence do Driver’s Duty as part-time jobs.

They are the true hard-working people employed night and day to help their families. Although everyone wants a driving license to drive on the incredible roads of Dubai. While the majority of Dubai’s population is immigrants, driving license translation in Dubai is a significant human requirement. Most driving schools provide the facility for driving licence translation in Dubai. One can quickly acquire service for translation in Dubai but not a driving license.

4. Immigration translation

Immigration forms or papers are certain documentation required for moving from one state to another. It contains several legal and judicial words which are necessary to recognize until they are accepted. This is because the misinformation or wrong approvals can cause you public failures and heavy fines. The Arabs want to travel around the globe for tourism, even for other significant reasons.

The majority of them want to fly to Canada. Therefore, Canada immigration translation is a required activity to do. Several outsourcing organizations support Canada’s immigration information facilities centre in Dubai. They have the best translation options for Canada’s immigration to those outside Dubai. Online services are best to reach them and serve them.

Canada immigration translation services are favoured by most individuals from far off Dubai because of its importance in the world. Canada immigration translation services Dubai is more acceptable by Canadians than any other region.

5. Marketing & Advertising Translation

Business requires marketing to spread the business as far as possible. Marketing is the only way to cross the boundaries for a business. But marketing cannot be successful without having help from translators if you have a business in UAE. Due to large business advancements in Dubai marketing translations are necessary.

English to Spanish translation and English to Russian translation is the important translation in Dubai which are provided by online companies. These translations are important to target the large public of Spain and Russia.

The translation is not just about translating a document. It requires strong marketing abilities. Online service providers need to take the help of marketers to make the translation effective for marketing or advertising. In Dubai, advertisements have a great trend.

Large buildings and signboards are useful sources to catch the eye contact of the public. Maybe you have seen the advertisement on Burj Khalifa (the largest building in the world), such advertisements require translated version to forward the message to the people of different nations.

6. Technical translation

The translation is a significant need in the engineering industries of Dubai. The word technical translation may be interpreted as translating consumer documents and journals which may be related to engineering or technology, maybe an industrial report or other administrative documents. As Dubai is a successful city in the field of technology, people from all over the world came here particularly from Asia to take part in the technological industries.

So these foreigners also require technical translation, even Dubai residents need it too. Dubai’s specialized online technical translation centres are the helping home for the public across the world. Turkish translation services, French translation services and Portuguese translation services are the most important translation in the technological world. this is because of the advancement of these countries in the digital and technical field.

7. Financial translation

Study of finance is much important for developing strong economic strategies. So to work on different region financial translation have a great role. At some regions of the world, countries depend more on their national language as compare to international languages. They always need to translate every document in their prior language. Financial translation is a good companion of such nations.

Dubai comprises students from multiple nations. To get them educated many institutions also need services of high quality translation companies. Most of the institutions prefer online services. This is because this is the fastest and effective mean of service. They just send their financial document in one language and get the output in the required language within time. Financial translation is also helpful for even large scales like ministries. Many government experts need financial translation in Dubai to understand the financial statement and records of other countries.

8. Judicial translation

The judicial translation is used to translate reports, documentation and decisions rendered in court. Dubai has good enforcement of the Government’s regulations and legislation. Several specific laws were established to protect Dubai safety and law order. Such civil rules are in Arabic, as they are Dubai’s national and official tongue. So,translation in Dubai is a compulsory need.

In Dubai, several buyers, traders, factory owners who came to Dubai for the sake of prosperity need a judicial translation. Legal records don’t only apply to violence or trials. This is often used by other consumer privileges. Too many Dubai translation firms are enabling citizens to read judicial orders and notices.

9. Literary translation

It is a particular translation type, with a distinct personality in Dubai. The translating approach is considered the difficult one because you must first understand what the right meaning or definition of the text is. That needs a complete comprehension of the vocabulary, the phrases and culture of the writers, or the style of poetry. Many literary language specialists are active in translation agencies in Dubai to provide the best online service for literature. The Dubai academic organizations are the world’s well-recognized ones.

They are excelled in literature and poetry. In Dubai, several festivals and seminars reflect fantastic poetry and literature skills in different languages. So it is necessary to make these complicated words of literature simple for the people to understand by literary translation. For literary books and journals in Dubai online translatiors are important.

10. Scientific and medical translation

This type of translation is easily availed in Dubai by many service providers. This is a necessary type of translation which needs advancement day by day. The improvement in the scientific and medical field is the real cause of these advancements. The names need to suggested in multiple languages for a medicine or a new scientific product. The scientist also needs translations to do researches and discoveries.

As in the modern world, science has stepped on the moon. Astronauts are continuously doing researches on galaxies and black holes. Daily new discoveries came to existence. They also need to name the planets and stars or asteroids so that they could differentiate them. So translation service providers help them to assign a name in multiple languages. Theses service providers also help them in their researches due to their vast experiences in the field of sciences.

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