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Prime Translation Services (PTS) with a group of certified and professional Translators & interpreters who are appropriately approved and certified by the Ministry of Justice give special consideration to legal translation in Dubai and give the manner to shield our customers from any lawful issues. Prime Translation services offer the power of attorney, organization development documents, for example, Articles of Association, employment contracts, confidential agreements, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, commercial lease agreements and all sorts of authoritative documents that must be affirmed and endorsed for legitimate use. Our legal system has profound information on a wide range of lawful terms that will prompt the ideal meaning of deciphered documents just as have a comprehension of the companies, individual, work, residency and notarization, family laws and guidelines which are applied inside UAE law firms.

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If you are not ready to learn the local language and you need help, PTS provides the language services to help you with this language barrier by translating your important documents and certificates from English to Arabic translation in Dubai and Arabic to English. We assure legal translation services to law advocates, legitimate consultants, courts, police, and government offices in Dubai that trust PTS as one of the best legal translation services in Dubai. We are a customer-focused Legal translation service in Dubai devoted to giving our customers the most ideal help on all matters. Also, we guaranteed qualified, local and legitimate interpreters to our individual and corporate customers for conferences; court sessions, Embassies, lawful interpretation of confidential documents and authorization purposes. We assure you of the best quality, at the most reasonable rate, and in a stipulated time allotment. We additionally give complimentary pickup and drop off of your sensitive and deciphered documents anyplace in Dubai.
If you need a legal interpreter today, you can call us to get immediate contact with your interpreter in Dubai now! We will be more than pleased to help you out. Get a free quote right now! Or call us at +971503799241

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Are You Looking For Legal Translation in Dubai? Prime Translation Is Here To Solve Your Problem. has a vast experience of providing language solutions to the individuals, corporate and other non-profit organizations. As a professional translation company in Dubai, we have a team of native multilingual translators who can competently solve all translation problems with complete accuracy and privacy. Our team is ready to translate your documents right away as we deliver you superior quality service on time with complete satisfaction.

We will be pleased to answer all your queries and discuss the details. Our friendly customer support service is available 24/7 and ready to respond to all inquiries.

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Get All Legal Translation In Dubai From #1 Translation Company In Dubai. Prime Translation Proudly Offers Door Step Translation Services in Dubai, JLT, And UAE.

Prime Translation Services has a decade long immaculate reputation in providing a quality legal translation in Dubai and interpretation services to Dubai based clients as well as international patrons.

We take pride in the fact that we are the pioneers of high-quality legal document translation services. With consistent hard work and producing uncompromised content, we have established our reputation as being the leaders in the provision of quality translation in Dubai and interpretation services in Dubai and the rest of the world.

The United Arab Emirates is a country with the most non-native population in the world. About 85 per cent of the residents of the UAE are non-native which makes it an amalgam of different nationalities and cultures. When such a diversity of language comes together, a legal, trusted and competent company becomes the need of the hour
At Prime Translation Service, our highly qualified and experienced team of translators, interpreters, and legal experts are here to deliver the very best document translation services for immigration and international clientele.

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We’re specialized in Legal Translation in Dubai

We make things easy for you: certified document translation services near me is a complex business and can be undertaken by specialized personnel only. With each task being unique, a team needs to be formulated for its execution, comprising of the experts from related fields. From universal translation services tasks to complex ones involving technical terminologies specific to a particular field, our experts have 10 years’ experience to boast of. Our translated contents are put through various quality control checks to ensure that the product being delivered is accurate and legally viable. We aim at providing high standards of services to our valued customers as we understand that time is the most precious commodity.
Gathering relevant information is our métier: Once you book an appointment with our company, our experts will make sure to extract each and every piece of relevant information from you so the end product can be impeccable and valid all the world over. Our teams undertake special training in information extraction and therefore ae the best in business.
Updated international standards: We constantly update our international collaborative policies with our partners in embassies, organizations, immigration offices, and law firms to assure that the services being provided are acceptable anywhere you go. Keeping abreast with international standards is a feather in our cap which makes us the most reliable professional legal translation services and beyond.
Personal, private, and business-related needs: Whether you have recently moved to another country or are visiting a new destination, all your immigration oriented and stay related issues can be addressed at our company. From a short letter of thanks to a detailed application for asylum, we have content specialists and legal experts for every task.
We regularly provide services to some of the most reputed conglomerates from all walks of life and from all over the world. Be it a machine and spare parts manufacturers like CAT or Honeywell or milk and dairy products company, our top-notch experts are there to help you get the most out of your business. Click on the client’s link to find out more about our international business partners.

Why you need to get legal translation in Dubai

Prime Translation services is a passionate and dedicated venture based in Dubai. Our translation in Dubai services also includes interpretation (direct and simultaneous), subtitling, website translation with complete semantic confluence.

The main focus of our company is you and your need for a certified and legal translation service Dubai. Our company has gained a strong foothold as a multilingual legal translation service provider in Dubai.

We provide an optimised experience for you in regard to translation into more than 100 language pairs. From medical records, legal documents and complex technical content to driving licence and passports translation for various purposes, we have professional human translators for each classification.

Our legal translation UAE services also include interpretation (direct and simultaneous), subtitling, website translation with complete semantic confluence.

The list of our achievements is endless and yet another feather in our cap is the introduction of one of kind facilitation for our esteemed customers. Now you can avail our services without leaving the safe premises of your house or office.

A representative from Prime translation provides the legal translation services will visit you in order to gather the required information. We strive to leave no stone unturned to provide you with a supreme experience.

This service is unique only to legal translation in JLT. Our representatives are well-trained translation experts. Do not worry about the aspect of communicating your requirements effectively. The SOP set by Prime translation services regarding the collection of data is comprehensive in all aspects.

This will make sure that all the relevant information needed to undertake translation is properly extracted and put to use. Since serving our clients and serving the best is the motto of legal translation near me, we are here to cater to all your needs associated with the translation process.

The translation expert visiting you to gather the information will provide you with an experience similar to that of an onsite one. Your instructions will be properly noted down, every aspect of your order will be documented and a quote of the total cost will be provided. You are assured that your work will be delivered before time every time so you have the margin to review it if at all needed.

If you require professional legal translation Sharjah, for the translation of documents related to a diverse niche, legal translation Dubai is the answer to all your needs. We pride our self in providing top of the line, perfectly crafted and timely services at your doorstep. The highly qualified and professionally sound team at Prime will ensure that you are provided with the best services in terms of quality and value for your precious time and money.

Our services set us apart from the other translation agencies in Dubai.

We are offering the following services at the moment.

Legal Arabic translation in Dubai is a multifarious work that requires an extensive team of personnel who understand the minutest specifics of individual tasks. The juxtaposition of highly intricate details and expansive scope of these documents make it a thoroughly methodological process.
From translation and interpretation services to attestation and proofreading, we have it all covered at the top translation company in Dubai. Our work is certified, trusted, and accepted globally.

Language is no more a barrier for you. Single click away will get you Legal Translation Dubai, Dubai Translation Services, Driving Licence Dubai, translation in Dubai, French Translation to Arabic, English to Arabic Translate in Dubai,

We translate between English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Bangladeshi, Persian, Turkish, Japanese and 100+ languages Because we are passionately professional.

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Legal translation services in Dubai

With different parts of the world is interconnected more than ever, the need for a reliable legal translation Abu Dhabi is imminent. Prime translation services cater to all your translation needs by providing services in 200 plus language pairs. Our professionals are not only qualified linguistically but also have a deep-rooted understanding of the idiosyncrasies attached to relevant cultures. With any language, the semantics, pragmatics, and lexicology need to be mastered in order to achieve an internationally accepted level of accuracy. And we pride our self in the strict quality control and protocol at our company. We understand that even a misinterpreted punctuation mark can completely alter the semantic essence of a document. To avoid such discrepancies, each task is dealt with with an individualized approach. The most adept language expert and certified legal professional or a group of professionals are assigned to each task to deliver the highest level of accuracy and quality.

UAE’s #1 Trusted & Certified Legal Translation Company in Dubai

Our legal translation services in Dubai mean that the translated documents are fit to be used in judicial, governmental, and official use. It can be a marriage document that needs legal translation Dubai for academic or immigration purposes, a driving license that requires translation for a legal cause. We also offer the translation services of medical documents in more than 200 languages. This implies that no matter what part of the word you belong to, or which field of life you are associated with, you can make the most of our services.
CONSTANT UPGRADATION: We constantly upgrade our ties with various embassies around the world for revision of immigration-related terminologies and policies. People migrating to or from various parts of the world can make use of our translation services to make their immigration process easier. This is because our translated work is globally accepted for being valid, reliable, and consistent with the policies of the countries worldwide. We have catered to the immigration needs of thousands of individuals so far. Most of them have applied for Canadian immigration. The translation and interpretation services from Arabic to English and numerous other languages are our métier.

Our specialization: English to Arabic and vice versa translation:
With the Arab countries making their mark in all sectors of the world economy, Arabic to English, and vice versa legal translation service in Dubai is the most sought after service in the current scenario.
Arabic is the fifth most popular language in the world. It is the official language of 26 countries. All of these countries are internationally connected in trade, tourism, Canada immigration translation Dubai, and education with the rest of the world. This necessitates a multilingual translation service to improve interconnectivity between all nations of the world for multiple purposes.

The Arabic language is a primitive language that has evolved into innumerable dialects and standards over time. With the vast variety of nonstandard pidgins, creoles, and dialects, the chances of misinterpretation are augmented. What adds further difficulty to the situation is that many of these dialects are mutually non-intelligible whereas many of these have slight vernacular variations which can only be interpreted by someone with native-like proficiency. Also, the expansive versatility of official documents that need translation like trust deeds, business contracts, commercial agreements or personal settlements, academic records, summons, and legal proceeding documentation make it important that only the person with the most suitable attributes is assigned to your task.

This is the area we pay most intricate attention to and after a rigorous shortlisting the personnel best suited for your task is attached to you. It is now the responsibility of the language expert to get the necessary information from you regarding your intent and purpose of the legal translation in Dubai. Leave it in the hands of Prime Translation Services to adequately reflect the true essence of your source content.

The appropriate use of language jargon lies at the base of any Legal translation company in Dubai The aptness of each word and punctuation mark is duly justified by a multi-layered team to guarantee that the client can trust our judgment blindly and keep his head high in this highly competitive world.
Locate the translation center near you and start translating. Whether it is a translation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the world.
Our main services include Chinese Translation services in Dubai, French Translation services in Dubai, German Translation services in Dubai, Italian Translation services in Dubai, Japanese Translation services in Dubai, Portuguese Translation Services in Dubai, Russian, and Spanish Translation Services in Dubai to name only a few. Besides the legal translation services in Dubai in more than 200 language pairs, we have expert proofreading and editing solutions for our dynamic patrons.

Whether you are a student or a teacher in need of some assistance, we will ensure a smooth and satisfactory business with you. Our linguists are here to enhance the flow, readability, and structure of the document.

Interpretation services

If you are looking for a legal document translation services facility for non-written content, then the Prime Translation services are your destination. Choose from friendly options like simultaneous and consecutive interpretation according to your need. Out teams are tailored to meet your requirements. An interpreter will first evaluate your general requirement and then the expert certified legal translation services will be designated in the mode preferred by the client. You can choose from simultaneous and consecutive interpretation options. For consecutive interactive interpretation, our representative will collaborate with you to convey your intent in the best and most appropriate manner. Also for simultaneous interpretation services in Dubai and the rest of the world, we make sure that the briefing sessions between experts and clients are comprehensive so that effective communication and best legal translation services can take place.

Editing and proofreading

Legal translation services in Dubai and linguistic experts use up to date techniques for content optimization that are abreast of the latest conventions. Our aim is to convey faultlessly and enhanced written material that will meet the specialized prerequisites of any media stage, for example, sites, articles, blogs, e-books, or online networking.

Creative Copywriting

Prime translation services give inventive copywriting services to customers who wish to promote their products in a unique yet attention-grabbing way on any platform ranging from online business, website translation, or social media marketing.

Transcription and subtitling

Our jargon specialists provide transcription and subtitle facilities for a diverse scope. For example vernaculars and dialects, a wide range of varying media outlets like Television, documentaries, movies, or educational lectures. We take special care to improve the experience for the intended target group by appropriately embedding visual content.

We have successfully provided translate legal documents near me services to a large array of YouTube channels in more than 100 languages. Having transcribed for clientele as diverse as a health and fitness training startup and world-famous soap operas, the results we produce are far superior to any other top certified translation services near me and the whole world.










The world has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. The advancements in modes of communication and transportation have diminished the borders of countries and have brought them close together. Such a scenario necessitates the need for a trusted and certified document translation services. If you are looking for document translation services near me to get your important documents translated into another language then Prime Translation the place to be.

But what is legal translation? It is the authentic and authorized translation of such documents that are being used in a legal setting. It can be a trust deed between two companies or a witness statement that needs to be presented in a country other than the home country. Immigrating individuals often need a great amount of translation of legal documents.

We offer the translation of our legal documents online and worldwide through our efficient online service. Being a certified legal translation company in Dubai means that our work is accepted anywhere in the world. Our translated work is fit to be presented in courts or government institutions in lieu of official business. We have established strong ties with institutions associated with our services around the globe.

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High Quality Translation Service in Dubai

This enables us to keep abreast of the ever-evolving legislative realm. The terms and legalities need to be constantly updated to provide immaculate service to you. Therefore, Prime Translation is the most modernised translate legal documents into plain English, providing you reliable rotary business consistent with the policies of the countries worldwide.

Are you looking for medical translation Dubai and also online-based to meet your needs related to highly important simple or complex documents? Then look no further as legal translation is a sterling translation business with an immaculate work history in the notary translation work. We at Prime translation understand that the nature of legal and official documents makes them susceptible to erroneous translation.

This can happen if the translation task is assigned to immature or incompetent personnel or company. To avoid such glitches in the translation tasks we take have gone the extra mile so you can breathe a sigh of relief. To undertake the translation of all kinds of documents, we have formulated specialized teams to cater to diverse categories of legislative fields.

Documents ranging from birth certificate, trust deeds, marriage certificates, memorandums, warrants, witness statements, and divorce certificates all need to be accurately translated. In the case of erroneous translation, unforeseen consequences may arise. These can cost companies or individuals damages in terms of reputation and financial losses. To save you from such strain,

translation services have devised teams with specialized legal and notary experience to handle your valuable official papers. The main focus of our teams is to capture the true essence of every lexical entity is it a word, a sentence, or even a punctuation this, we warrant a translation that is perfect to the letter. Care needs to be taken to consider the context of the whole document also to be able to do translation correctly.

A technical piece of writing is entirely different from an informal letter. Similarly, the language used in a formal environment for a statement of purpose for admission to higher education institutions will need to be translated keeping in view the intellectual audience. Therefore words in the target language will need to be chosen with utmost caution so as to convey the meaning exactly as it is intended.

This scenario is especially true in English to Arabic translation in Dubai and Arabic to English translation where one word has varying meanings. Such dubious words sometimes denote a single meaning in different degrees and sometimes altogether unrelated implications.

For a translator to understand what the writer meant and wanted to convey in letter and spirit, he needs to have a strong foundation. A foundation that is built on vast vocabulary and deep discourse analysis. The master translators at Prime translation services Dubai have decades of experience In translation processes and this is what makes them eligible to be a part of our team. This single most important aspect of translation has pestered us into following a thorough scrutiny process for hiring and appointing translators and legal team members.

Similar is the case with the medical translation of a versatile nature. Medical reports, health and safety guidelines, discharge summaries, prescriptions may need to be translated in numerous circumstances. If you have recently moved to Dubai? Are you in need of an authentic and reliable institution to translate your important transcripts? Then the native-like proficient translators at translation centre near me is the best choice for this task.

To enable Spanish translator Dubai to grow and flourish, we ensure continuous professional development programs for our staff. This is necessitated by the ever-evolving informatics scenario of the world. Telecom, information technology, linguistic, legal protocols pertaining to immigration, admissions and tourism-all are subject to change.

It is imperative in such circumstances to arrange refresher courses on the latest amendments and modifications taking place on the international platform. All these measurements are put into place for many reasons. The first one being the sustainability of the business in the competitive realm. And the second and most important reason is to guarantee the customer fulfillment standards we have established for our own company.

Each customer ranks our translators on various criteria. These include translation expertise, linguistic competency, legal knowledge, and a professional attitude. This system proves to be a helpful assessment tool for us. The unbiased opinions and observations of the clients pinpoint the exact areas of strengths and weaknesses. Thus an automated system of internal evaluation is devised that helps ensure quality control. This progression AL sequence of achievements gives rise to more success for interpreters in Dubai and our clients.

Exceptional Accredited Legal Translation Dubai

There are various standards against which the authenticity and reliability of a translation company can be weighed. We proudly claim to be the best in business due to our hard work and dedication to providing the best legal translation near me services to you.

  1. ATA certified: ATA accreditation is the most authentic certification for any organization. Our organization Prime Translation Services has proudly earned ATA confirmation from the international Accreditation Agency.
  2. This is a commendable credit to us as the objective of this affirmation is to increase skilful expectations, expand explicit execution, and perceive the ability just as information on the interpreters. Getting an ATA affirmation has been an extraordinary achievement in our long excursion. Our translators have gone through rigorous tests and assessments to winning this ATA affirmation. The test assesses the language ability of an expert interpreter.
  3. Certified company: We are a certified and authorized organization in the field of legal translation services and interpretation services Dubai. This implies that we work in proximity to the government’s rules and guidelines. The reports generated by us are trusted by the concerned offices in Dubai. In case you are searching for somebody to do English to Arabic interpretation in Dubai our representative, the administration is your one-stop for all legitimate interpretation related necessities. Our legitimate interpreters in Dubai can decipher more than 200 dialects.
  4. Comprehensive methodology towards interpretation: When deciphering a lawful bit of composed content consideration should be taken to initially comprehend its different perspectives. Our prepared experts have accomplished greatness in receiving a comprehensive methodology when moving toward any bit of composed record. It is broke down from all points to guarantee that the minutest subtleties are not ignored. Legal translation services in JLT are thus a name you can trust without a doubt.
  5. Social unconventionality: it is beyond the realm of imagination to totally comprehend a book without understanding nature where it was produced. Each nation has a particular culture which converts into all parts of its individual and aggregate life. Language is a basic piece of in the general way of thinking of a nation, has a profound established relationship in culture. It is crucial for a lawful interpreter to be completely acquainted with such a relationship to have the option to sift through the random recommendation of words and utilize just the relevantly most fitting one. Our legitimate interpreters in Dubai and everywhere throughout the world are qualified in such manner and consequently generally reasonable for your interpretation task. English to Arabic translation in Dubai is our métier.

The Best Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Precise or nearest in significance words: In all dialects of the world, there are incalculable collocations for each word. The implications have slight logical varieties that can be distinguished by a profoundly capable and prepared master. We at Prime best online translation services put incredible accentuation in preparing and updating the information base of our legitimate interpreters in this very field with the goal that your fulfilment in our work is ensured. The evidence of our excellent administrations lies in the way that our deciphered work is useful in every single judicial office in Dubai and everywhere throughout the world. This becomes especially relevant in the case of Driving Licence translation Dubai, as the violation of traffic rules and regulations is strictly punishable by law.

Prime translation company Dubai is not just another name in the list of legal translation experts. Our scope is much deeper in dimension and magnitude. We understand very well that often time’s individuals or companies need certified translations services to establish a business in another country. In such situations certified translations of personal and business documents are an important step towards moving forward. Digitalization has impacted every field of our life. We are living in a world that has become borderless and transformed into a global community. Individuals from one nation living or visiting the equivalent geographic zone are a part of a global fraternity now. Once in a while, communication can turn into a significant issue for individuals who do not speak the same language. This is where the legal translation services in Dubai can assist them in making their life simple. The top basic businesses that fundamentally make items and administrations increasingly available and helpful to their clients should utilize language interpretation services to make their products and administrations progressively recognizable to their clients. There are numerous large ventures that can profit by language Translation Company Dubai services. Also when an organization or corporation is dealing with strictly controlled industries such as government sectors, financial industries and medical field, it’s vital to have certified translations of all documents.

Translation Company Dubai will help your business flourish and break the barriers of language. Now whether it is a language translation services or driving licence translation Dubai we will take care of all your requirements.



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